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Professional Basement Excavation in Calgary


asement excavation is used to prepare the sub-level and basement of the property, the basement sets the foundation while setting up the future construction project. Demolishing a commercial and residential property often needs to be carried out through the basement and foundation of the building. The demolition of basements leaves behind debris and concrete. The mess often requires removal and the land will need to be excavated to prepare it for new construction. Removing and excavating all the concrete and building materials require heavy machinery and an attention to detail. 

The process of basement excavation is vital to the preparation of the property for its newly intended use. Basement excavation should be carried out by a professional contractor, often very specific criteria needs to be met in terms of size and depth of the basement. Bob Wallace Excavating as a company has been excavating basements for over 40 years servicing Calgary and surrounding areas working with contractors and homeowners. Our team can work to effectively excavate your residential or commercial basement. Call or email Bob Wallace excavating with your Calgary basement excavation needs!

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Residential Excavation
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Residential Basement Excavation

After a home construction project has been approved, the first step is considered “breaking-ground”, breaking ground is essentially the definition of excavating. Excavating a residential basement removes the earth or other debris from the earth below the property. If you need to remove concrete, earth or demolished rubble from a basement, contact an excavating contractor for residential basement excavation services. A professional basement excavation contractor can efficiently clear the entire basement and foundation, preparing the land for new construction. 

Commercial Excavation
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Commercial Basement Excavation

Commercial excavation projects often have strict deadlines to go along with stricter regulations. Often excavation is required after property demolition, at Bob Wallace Excavating we provide commercial basement excavations for new construction and renovation projects. Commercial excavation removes the earth or demolished debris from below the property. if you require commercial basement excavation call or email, Bob Wallace Excavating, to schedule a consultation. We can remove all the messes left behind from the demolitions and work to prepare the land for new property construction.

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Bob Wallace provides professional excavating services, concrete breaking and concrete removal services.
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Basement Concrete Removal

Breaking down the concrete in your basement space is a vital step towards excavating the basement and preparing it for construction. Breaking of concrete often leaves a mess of debris, as large pieces of concrete reside and often need to be removed. Concrete removal often requires concrete breaking and concrete excavation, without the proper training and equipment the removal of your basement concrete pieces can be dangerous. Trust your basement concrete removal needs to a professional. The basement concrete removal experts at Bob Wallace Excavating provide a safe and efficient basement concrete removal process, to prepare the property for reconstruction.


Basement Excavation Calgary

Bob Wallace Excavating has been providing professional basement excavating services for Calgary & area for over 40 years. We have a local understanding and know what it is needed to properly excavate a basement, ensuring site safety, project timeliness & customer services. DIY efforts can place you in harm’s way from trenching & excavation hazards. If your Calgary home or business requires basement excavation for new construction or renovations contact us for a free Calgary basement excavation estimate.

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