Demolishing a building creates an opportunity to build new or for new land uses. For Calgary building demolition services, contact Bob Wallace Excavating.

Calgary Building Demolition


uilding demolition processes can vary project to project as the needs, permits and requirements change on each job site. Building location, materials used, sizes of the property and more can directly influence the demolition project, changing the duration and the processes required. Regardless of specific processes, demolishing a building is a large project that requires the services of a professional demolition company.

If you are looking for efficient, safe and effective building demolition services hire a demolition contractor to ensure the completion of the project. Bob Wallace Excavating is a professional demolition contractor proudly servicing Calgary.  We have the skills, equipment, and experience to fully complete your build demolition project. With over 40 years if professional experience, you can trust Bob Wallace Excavating for all of your Calgary demolition needs.

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Building Demolition Process

The first step to safely demolish your Calgary property is to contact a demolition contractor like Bob Wallace Excavating. We inspect your property and help you acquire the necessary permits. We can then craft a demolition plan regarding the specific demolition services required to demolish your building correctly, helping to prioritise the services you need. Smaller properties can be demolished with limited machines and can be accomplished in a single day. For larger properties, a several stage process, utilising large excavators will need to be implemented. For properties containing asbestos or other hazardous materials will need to be properly abated before demolition commences. Contact Bob Wallace Excavating today to start your Calgary building demolition process!

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If you are looking for a demolition contractor contact Bob Wallace Excavating.
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Building Demolition Contractor

Attempting personal demolition projects can be dangerous. Safety is often overlooked and the project is rarely completed adhering to building codes. DIY building demolition projects can result in ineffective processes, personal injury, and high repair costs. One of the common concerns of DIY demolition projects is the risk of asbestos exposure. Contact a trusted demolition contractor if you require building demolition. Trusted contractors can create a plan, receive the necessary permits, create processes and ensure that safety and health standards are met. Contact the building demolition experts at Bob Wallace Excavating for help with your demolition project.

Bob Wallace Excavating provides commercial & residential demolition services.

Do You Require Building Demolition?

Demolition tears down an older property often to build new. Some of the common reasons for required property demolition are:

  • Structural or foundational issues with the property
  • Bylaw property height or location restrictions
  • No space on current property layout for renovation ideas
  • Property has found a new intended purpose
  • Looking for resale value and your property is more valuable as a vacant lot
  • You wish to build a new home or business on the property
  • Your property is riddled with asbestos, mold or some sort of hazardous infestation

If you are not sure if your building requires a demolition contact Bob Wallace Excavating.

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