Are you planning to demolish your home? Residential demolitions can be exciting processes for preparing for new home builds or for other property uses. Though, residential demolitions can be difficult, dangerous and expensive for inexperienced individuals.

Residential demolitions can expose asbestos or molds, as well as create risks of falling debris and other safety risks. Residential demolitions projects also require permits to legally execute the plan. Violating bylaws and or building codes can also be serious issues associated with DIY residential demolition efforts.

Take the home demolition risks and burdens off your back. Contact Bob Wallace Excavating with your Calgary residential demolition needs. We work through each step of your project in order to ensure the demolition is completed safely, legally and effectively.

Permits & Documents Required

A demolition permit is required for any size or style of property demolition, deconstruction or property moving project. Some of the permit documents required in residential demolitions are:

  • Public Tree Disclosure Agreement
  • Asbestos Abatement Form
  • Colour Photographs Of The Property
  • Total Square Footage of all floors and or property that is being demolished.
  • Contractors Name
  • Two copies of a Dimensioned Site Plan that outlines the address, property lines, other buildings on the property and more.
  • Public Protection Safety Plan
  • Advanced Weather Forecasting System

The demolition professionals at Bob Wallace excavating can help with obtaining each aspect of your residential demolition permit.

When Permits Are Not Obtained

If a residential demolition is attempted without a permit, a number of consequences can be felt. A city inspector can issue an enforcement or stop-work action. A fine can be occurred for working without a permit. You can be forced to undo work that has been done when you do work without a permit. Future legal and financial issues can be incurred when a building was demolished without a permit. Attempting to demolish a home, without a permit leads to larger expenses and larger workloads than were initially budgeted.

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Bylaws & Codes

There are a number of bylaws and building codes to consider when completing a residential demolition project. Failing to comply with these will cause a number of legal issues, financial issues and project setbacks. These bylaws and codes are:

  • Asbestos Abatement Requirements – An asbestos report permit document must be readily available during the project.
  • Tree Protection Policies – A tree protection plan is required to show considerable care for trees within 6 meters of the demolition site.
  • Construction Site Contact Information Signs – Contact signs are issued with the demolition permit and must be visible from the street.
  • Demolition Inspections – A demolition inspection must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the work processes.
  • Heritage Designation – A heritage planner must review the demolition application.


Demolition Process

There are several steps required during your residential demolition or property deconstruction projects. Though each demolition project needs to be custom tailored for the property, these are some shared steps of residential demolition projects.

  • Permit Application – The submission of your permit application with all the required documents.
  • Utility Disconnection – Shut off all utilities, including water, gas, electricity, recycling and cable.
  • Permit Issuance – Receive your approved demolition permit and contact signs.
  • Demolition Inspection – A demolition inspection from 311 must be completed at least 24 hours before any work begins.
  • Residential Demolition – The property is now ready to be demolished.
  • Site Clean Up – The demolished property will be removed and the site will be cleaned.

You can trust Bob Wallace Excavating with all your home demolition needs. Call or email us today with your residential demolition project.

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