For over nearly years, asbestos as used for building construction and insulation across Canada. If your Calgary commercial property was constructed prior to 1990 it can contain some form of asbestos. Asbestos can cause a range of infections and illnesses.

If you are not 100% sure that your business does not contain asbestos, contact an asbestos removal contractor immediately. Do not attempt your own commercial asbestos removal projects. DIY asbestos removal can directly expose you to the harmful materials in asbestos.

Keep yourself and your employees safe with professional commercial asbestos removal services. The professional asbestos contractors at Bob Wallace Excavating have years of asbestos removal experience with business owners across Alberta. Schedule a commercial asbestos inspection today!

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a fibrous material that was used for building insulation and construction from the 1930’s until the late 1980’s. Asbestos was considered to be an ideal building material, as it was strong, lightweight, inexpensive and fire resistant. Though, when asbestos materials are damaged or break down in any way, airborne particles are released, inhaled and can cause several serious health issues. Due to the range of illnesses that have come to be associated with asbestos, the material is now banned as a building material and should be removed from your business.

Dangers Of Asbestos

Asbestos has been linked to a number of serious and even fatal health issues. Asbestosis, lung pleura infections, lung cancer and other illnesses have been linked to the inhalation of asbestos fibres. Asbestos fibres travel into lung tissues and cause scarring and abnormal healing, which lead to these illnesses. Asbestos-related illnesses also can remain dormant or not show symptoms for up to ten years after the initial inhalation. The longer you have asbestos in your business the more likely you are to face one or more of these illnesses.

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Commercial Asbestos Removal Services

Professional commercial asbestos removal services can involve a number of specific tasks. The main tasks associated with removing all asbestos found for your business are:

  • Initial Inspection – Your commercial property will be fully inspected and air tested to find suspect materials in the property. Samples of these materials are then taken.
  • Asbestos Testing – The samples are sent off to a lab to be tested. If the tests come back positive, asbestos removal processes can begin.
  • Ventilation & Containment – To ensure a safe work site, the asbestos will be completely contained so that no asbestos can leave. Once contained, the area will be fully ventilated to create a safe breathing environment for the removal.
  • Asbestos Removal – The asbestos materials will all be removed from your business. These materials are then disposed of in specified locations.
  • Clean Up & Air Testing – The area is finally cleaned and tested to ensure no more asbestos is found in your air.

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