If you have a commercial property that requires excavation services contact the professionals at Bob Wallace Excavating, we have over 40 years of experience working with developers and commercial properties.

Commercial Excavation Services in Calgary


he excavation of a commercial property is always an exciting process that represents great future opportunities for the property. Future construction projects rely on property excavation to prepare the work site. Demolished properties then require land excavation services for any intended, safe future use. The final product of property excavation is very exciting. The work involved with

commercial excavation projects are much less exciting. Leave your commercial excavating needs to a trusted professional. Bob Wallace Excavating is here when you need us to help with your commercial excavation needs. Our team helps to ensure a safe and professional excavation process. Call or email Bob Wallace Excavating today to set up a commercial excavation consultation!

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Commercial Excavation
We handle all of your commercial property excavation needs, contact us today.
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Commercial Excavation Contractor

The professional commercial excavation contractors at Bob Wallace Excavating are here to serve each of your specific commercial excavation needs. Our team has over 40 years of professional commercial excavation expertise. We have the equipment; industry knowledge and skill to efficiently and safely accomplish your commercial excavation goals. For effective and stress-free commercial excavation services, contact Bob Wallace Excavating today!

Commercial Services
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Commercial Site Preparation

Commercial site reparation services can involve ground leveling, soil treatment, concrete breaking, and so much more. To escape the extensive nature of commercial site preparation project, leave your commercial site preparation needs to an experienced professional. The commercial site preparation experts at Bob Wallace Excavating can perfectly inspect, excavate and otherwise prepare your Calgary commercial work site. For more commercial site preparation service information contact Bob Wallace Excavating!

Site Safety
We practice and adhere to the highest level of construction safety standards.
Excavation Safety

Commercial Excavating Safety

An unsafe commercial excavation project is a recipe for disaster. The expenses, project setbacks and potential injuries that can arise from an unsafe commercial excavating site are not only serious, but also avoidable. With proper safety equipment and processes, coupled with high levels of industry experience and knowledge all work to ensure a safe work site. Ensure a safe and effective commercial excavation project with the help of Bob Wallace Excavating!


Commercial Excavation in Calgary

Calgary businesses are constructed with the highest levels of craftsmanship. The excavation of the land and property foundation should carry the same levels of expertise. For all your Calgary commercial excavation needs, contact Bob Wallace Excavating. Our team has all that it takes to safely, efficiently and perfectly excavate your Calgary commercial property. Call or email Bob Wallace Excavating today for more information!

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