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Professional Concrete Breaking Services in Calgary


o you have unwanted concrete or asphalt on your property, or need to remove the concrete on your pretty to make room for future development? Consider professional concrete breaking services. Concrete excavation and breaking services are often involved in demolition, our team can demolish the concrete or asphalt on your property so it can be easily removed during excavation. Removing concrete by hand can be an intensely laborious job. While with the proper construction equipment and knowledge, the concrete on

the property can be efficiently broken down and crushed into rubble. Bob Wallace Excavating can provide concrete breaking during demolition and excavation. The concrete breaking professionals at Bob Wallace Excavating can help with all your concrete breaking needs. Our team if skilled operators and professional equipment can break down small and large, residential and commercial sites of unwanted concrete. If you require concrete breaking contact Bob Wallace Excavating we can answer all of your concrete breaking & concrete removal questions.

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Concrete Breaking Services

Concrete breaking services can be utilized by anyone looking to remove unwanted slabs of concrete. From pads to parking lots, concrete and asphalt breaking services are often incorporated with concrete removal, demolition, and excavation projects. Breaking the large pieces of concrete or other rock into small manageable prices allows for the future removal of the concrete and excavation of the property. The team at Bob Wallace Excavating can help with your commercial and residential concrete breaking needs. Our concrete breaking equipment and qualified team can come together to safely break down your unwanted concrete.

Concrete Excavating
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Concrete Excavation

As the unwanted pieces of concrete, asphalt or rock are broken into small pieces of debris and rubble they need to be removed. Without the proper equipment and experience, the excavation of your broken concrete can be an enormous and difficult task. That is why you should trust all your concrete excavation needs to a trusted and experienced professional. Bob Wallace Excavating has over 40 years working with commercial and residential excavation, a lot of which have required the removal of concrete slabs.

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Concrete Deconstruction

If you would like to salvage some aspect of the concrete on your property and minimize the mess associated with the breakdown of concrete, you may require concrete deconstruction. The services involved in concrete deconstruction are careful and systematic breaking down the concrete effectively. Concrete removal & deconstruction services can be a more intensive and in-depth process, then simply crushing the rock, but results in a much cleaner and more precise breakdown of your unwanted concrete or asphalt. A deconstruction project involves many of the same services as demolition, we can deconstruct and demolish unwanted concrete safely.

Asphalt Breaking
Bob Wallace Excavating provides residential quick trenching services for Calgary & area.
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Asphalt Breaking Services

The bulk of asphalt produced today is made up of a special form of heated concrete and various rocks, which combines to form the surface on a large number roads and driveways. For updating and the removal of roadways or asphalt slab, the material must first be broken down. The composition and durability of asphalt makes it very difficult to breakdown by hand. To get the fastest and most complete asphalt breaking services, utilize a professional asphalt-crushing contractor. If you need to demolish a roadway to or from your property or have any unwanted asphalt removed from property contact Bob Wallace Excavating!


Calgary Concrete Breaking Contractor

Breaking down large slabs and areas of concrete into small pieces is essential to the removal of the concrete. Concrete breaking requires the proper construction equipment and industry knowledge to ensure the successful completion of the project and the safety of those involved. Ensure your unwanted concrete is broken down without an issue by utilizing a professional concrete breaking contractor. At Bob Wallace Excavating we pride ourselves on safety and quality services, as a company we specialize in working with homeowners and developers to effectively excavate, demolish and remove unwanted concrete and other rock.

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