Concrete demolition services include breaking up and removing any forms of unwanted concrete from your home or business. Whether you need a pathway, an entire slab or a portion of a slab removed, trust your concrete demolition and removal needs to the experts at Bob Wallace Excavating.

Professional Concrete Demolition Services

To effectively demolish concrete on your Calgary property, you will need a concrete demolition plan as well as heavy-duty tools and work permits. Concrete demolition steps can each be difficult and time-consuming for untrained or inexperienced individuals. Concrete demolition can also pose serious breathing issues and personal injury risks for home or business owners. Rather than burden yourself with your own concrete demolition needs, contact Bob Wallace Excavating today!

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Concrete Break Up

Once permits have been obtained, a plan has been formed and all safety consideration have been accounted for, breaking up concrete can often be the initial step of the physical removal process. Depending on the depth of concrete, the breakup processes can either be accomplished with a hand-breaking tool or may require large equipment. Concrete can be completely broken up or sectioned into the desired areas of concrete to be removed. Once the top level of concrete is removed the rebar frame can be cut and the loose debris can be removed. It is important to cover open windows and other aspects of nearby buildings to protect the buildings from potential debris.

Concrete Crushing

A common form of concrete breaking for thicker slabs is known as concrete crushing. Concrete crushing can be accomplished by both hand-held jackhammers and by large excavators. For slabs less than a foot thick, a jackhammer can be acceptable. Excavators will be required to crush thicker slabs of concrete. Concrete crushing is an effective form of concrete breaking but can pose injury risks for untrained individuals. Keep yourself safe and leave your concrete crushing needs to Bob Wallace Excavating!


Concrete Removal

After your concrete slabs have been effectively broken down and separated into removable pieces the prices can be removed. Concrete removal can be done by hand but can become quite labour intensive and even dangerous without adequate equipment or removal knowledge. Your concrete removal needs can be efficiently accomplished with large excavators and other demolition equipment. At Bob Wallace Excavating we have the right equipment, coupled with skilled operators to safely and quickly remove your broken down concrete!

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