Concrete is made of water, aggregate rock and cement and is used in a number of foundation and building construction efforts. Concrete can be used to pour a foundation for homes and businesses, as well as various floors or ceilings and support beams.

Concrete has a number of uses. Though, when buildings are demolished or concrete remain on a property when new construction is being planned, the concrete must be removed and the property must be excavated.

You can trust the experts at Bob Wallace Excavating with your commercial or residential concrete excavation needs. We have over 40 years of professional excavation experience. Call or email Bob Wallace Excavating today for more information.

Concrete Excavation Services

There are a number of specific services associated with concrete excavation. Some of the key services are:

  • Concrete Inspection – The concrete area needs to be initially inspected to determine the components of the concrete and the ideal excavation process.
  • Concrete Break Down – The unwanted concrete will be broken into smaller pieces to be removed. This process is often accomplished by large equipment and should be handled by professional contractors.
  • Concrete Removal & Disposal – Once the concrete is broken down, the materials can be removed and safely disposed of.

Each of these processes can be intensive and even dangerous, without the right equipment or an adequate level of excavation experience. Leave your concrete excavation needs to the experts at Bob Wallace Excavating.

Concrete Excavation Hazards

Concrete excavation can become quite dangerous for inexperienced individuals. Concrete excavation can expose a range of dust and debris that can cause respiratory issues. Tripping over trenches and concrete pieces can result in major injuries. Removing concrete materials from an excavation site can result in personal injuries and unwanted equipment damages. It is never recommended to attempt DIY concrete excavation projects.

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Reasons To Excavate Concrete

Concrete can require excavation and removal for a number of reasons. Concrete can be left after and incomplete demolition. Concrete excavation can also be a final step of a property demolition. Concrete excavation can also be utilised to prepare land for concrete pouring and foundation pouring and further construction. No matter what your specific concrete excavation reasons, the experts at Bob Wallace Excavating can get the job done!


Concrete Removal & Disposal

Disposing of the concrete can be the final step in a concrete foundation or basement excavation project. Concrete cannot be disposed of anywhere and can be a difficult task of individuals without the proper equipment and knowledge. Concrete and or dirt disposal and site cleanup can both be vital to a complete concrete excavation project. Contact Bob Wallace Excavating today for more concrete removal and or excavation services.

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