Bob Wallace Excavating Ltd. provides professional and eco-friendly concrete disposal. We ensure the proper waste disposal while recycling old, and unused concrete.

Concrete Disposal

When disposing of unwanted cоnсrеtе one of the most imроrtаnt things to remember is that concrete is an acidic compound. Concrete disposal is part of the concrete removal process, concrete disposal involves heavy lifting of large slabs of concrete. When removing old concrete it is important to avoid the debris from entering the eyes or lungs, masks and goggles area a popular safety solution for concrete removal. Part of concrete removal process is the proper and eco-friendly disposal of concrete. Concrete should be recycled, the products can be reused for a future construction project.

Calgary Landfill Concrete Disposal

At Bob Wallace Excavating Ltd. we take large loads of concrete and cinder blocks to a City landfill for proper disposal. We separate commercial vehicle loads containing concrete, brick and masonry blocks, asphalt, and/or metals. We recycle any recyclable items, for proper disposal encouraging our clients to recycle their old materials instead of regular landfill disposal. Calgary landfill concrete disposal can be dropped off and recycled at a number of landfills including:

Concrete & Asphalt Disposal

Bob Wallace Excavating Ltd. provides professional concrete and asphalt disposal solution for developers, contractors, and residential homeowners.  Whether you require concrete removal for demolition, reconstruction or excavation, we have a solution. In Calgary, if concrete and asphalt are disposed at a landfill, they are “designated materials” and can be recycled.  Concrete and Asphalt rubble is accepted at our Calgary depot, contact us for concrete and asphalt removal and disposal.

What We Accept

  • Concrete that is reinforced or unreinforced
  • Clean asphalt slabs or grindings
  • Bricks, paving stones, cinder block

What We Don’t Accept

  • Concrete pipe
  • Materials containing wire mesh
  • Clay, organics or black dirt
  • Any type of garbage, including wood, plastic, paper, trees or stucco.

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