Construction Demolition

If you require demolition for a future construction project contact the team at Bob Wallace Excavating. We provide residential and commercial construction demolition services for Calgary & the surrounding areas.

Residential & Commercial Construction Demolition

When Bob Wallace Excavating takes on a job we make sure that it’s done to perfection. Whether it’s summer or winter Bob Wallace is here to make sure your project is done safely and on time. Safety is our number one priority and when performing any type of construction demolition, there are many aspects of safety to consider. As an owner of the property, it is important to ensure that all employees on site have the proper certification and are aware of the demolition process. This means that all gas and water has been turned off and that the city is aware of your demolition. If you have had any problems with any gas or water mains in the past please the one of out operators know, and we will work to the best of our capability to still undergo the project. All demolition projects that Bob Wallace Excavating undertakes are performed with our excavators. These excavators are piloted by one of our four skilled operators that combined have over 80 years of experience.  These operators ensure that your demolition project is done to perfection.

Dust Prevention For Construction Demolition

One of the main problems you will encounter when you are performing any large-scale construction demolition is the chance of dust particles being sent into the air. Due to the fact that you are dealing with an abundance of materials and the overall large scale of the structure the chance of inhaling these chemicals is high. This is why while performing the demolition you must spray done the site with water to ensure these chemicals do not become airborne. This is the best way to prevent the intake of any dangerous material such as asbestos, which has been the leading cause of lung cancer in the workplace.

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