Demolish A Property In Calgary

Demolition represents the start of a new beginning for the property. For safe and effective demolition processes, it is always best to leave your demolition needs to a trusted professional. If your want to demolish your Calgary home or business contact the demotion experts at Bob Wallace Excavating!

Demolish Your Home

Are you looking to prepare for a new home build or a major home renovation? Interior demolition services can tear out aspects of your home prior to a major renovation. Though, full home demolition and excavation processes will be required to prepare your foundation for a new home build or to prepare the property for a separate future use. For both interior demolition and full home or business demolition, you will need to remove all valuables from the property and exit the property for the duration of the project.

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Demolish Your Business

Rather than attempting to go through each process of a commercial demolition on your own time and with your own pockets, hire a professional. Bob Wallace Excavating has been helping commercial clients around Calgary and the surrounding area with their property demolition needs. We can work to inspect your commercial property and help with acquiring the required permits for your demolition. Bob Wallace Excavating can demolish certain aspects of your business, or your entire business to prepare your land for any future use.

What It Takes To Demolish A Property

Demolition is an in-depth process that requires a large amount of industry knowledge and the right equipment. A demolition inspection must first be conducted to discover any unforeseen structural issues or biohazards materials in your property. Next, permits need to be acquired. The demolition plan is then built, considering all the required safety acknowledgements and equipment. Finally, the property is ready to be demolished. All the demotion projects conducted by Bob Wallace Excavating are done with large excavators, which often allows these projects to be accomplished in a single day.


Demolish Your Property With Bob Wallace Excavating

Bob Wallace Excavating has been an industry leader in property demolition and excavation for over 40 years. We have worked with residential, commercial and industrial clients across Southern Alberta. Our team has demolished a number of properties and worked on countless construction projects. We can handle every step of your property demolition project. If you need to demolish your home or business, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with Bob Wallace Excavating today!

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