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Residential & Commercial Demolition in Calgary


o make room for new property upgrades or construction, past properties often need to be demolished. The process to completely demolish even a small structure is intensive and requires extensive property knowledge and equipment. Attempting to complete your own demolition projects can be very dangerous and time consuming for inexperienced individuals. Demolition projects represent upcoming opportunity for Calgary land and or new property construction. Your demolition projects 

need to be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Trust your Calgary demolition projects to an experienced professional. The property demolition team at Bob Wallace Excavating has years of experience helping commercial and residential clients across Calgary with their property demolition needs. Our equipment, skills, and industry knowledge allow us to handle any nature and size of Calgary demolition project. Feel free to contact Bob Wallace Excavating with your Calgary demolition needs!

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Demolition Services
We are a professional Calgary demolition company with over 40 years in the demolition industry.

Professional Demolition Services

Demolition projects often involve the movement, breaking, and removal of large and potentially dangerous building materials. Falling debris and or exposes gasses due to unsafe demolition processes, coupled with the lack of safety knowledge to prevent and or deal with such instances can lead to extreme dangers for individuals involved in the demolition projects. To ensure the success of your demolition projects and the safety of all those in the project make sure you hire a trusted demolition professional for all your Calgary property demolition needs.  

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Deconstruction Services Calgary

If you are looking for a specific area of your property to be removed, while minimizing the damage to the rest of the home and or business, property deconstruction services are the ideal project to meet your needs. Deconstruction services utilize a careful and systematic approach to only demolishing specific rooms and or areas of a home or businesses. Deconstruction projects require high levels of demolition skills and property knowledge to properly accomplish. Leave your Calgary property deconstruction needs to the professionals at Bob Wallace Excavating!

Interior Demolition
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Interior Demolition

Interior Demolition Services

Often times given rooms need to be completely demolished in a home or business to prepare for a large room renovation, remodels or alterations. Attempting to demolish your own kitchen, bathroom, or other space in your home or business can be very expensive, time-consuming and lead to further damages throughout the property. To make sure that your interior demolition services exceed your needs and expectations alike, trust your interior demolition needs to an experienced professional!

Site Excavation
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Site Excavation Services

After demolition and or property deconstruction projects a large mess of demolished building materials must be removed and the ground must be prepared for the new intended use. Whether your plans are to leave the land for growth or for new construction purposes, trust your site excavation needs to experienced and accredited contractors. At Bob Wallace Excavating we have over 40 years of professional demolition and excavation experience. We are able to handle all of your specific commercial and or residential site excavation needs!  

Commercial Demolition
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Commercial Demolition Services

Demolishing large commercial and or industrial properties can involve very large equipment and high levels of property demolition skills, in order to safely accomplish the job. It is always recommended that your commercial demolition needs are left to an experienced and trusted professional.  The expert team at Bob Wallace Excavating has all the required skills, accreditations, equipment and more to handle any style and or size of Calgary commercial demolition project!

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