There are a number of demolition companies in Calgary. If you are looking for an experienced contractor with a dedication to quality contact Bob Wallace Excavating. We have over 40 years of demolition experience.

Calgary Demolition Companies


professional demolition company helps you with the deconstruction and removal of an old or damaged home or business. They assist with the acquisition of permits, demolition of the structure, site clean up and construction preparation. Demolition companies help alleviate the stress and ensure all the best practices and measures are installed to ensure the safety of the client, construction workers & the community.

Depending on the size, age & location of the building, different building demolition processes and permits are needed to start and properly complete the project. Demolition companies can provide the skill & knowledge to effectively demolish a property using trained personnel and heavy machinery. Bob Wallace Excavating has been providing demolition services in Calgary for over 40 years, contact us for your demolition needs.

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Calgary Demolition Company

Property preferences, material improvements, and styles all inspire a property owner to deconstruct their old home. If you need to make room for your new dream property, by demolishing your existing home or business, contact the team at Bob Wallace Excavating. We are a professional demolition company and provide a variety of demolition services. Demolition projects incorporate heavy machines, hazardous materials, and processes that are simply unsafe if inexperienced individuals to attempt a DIY project. Contact Bob Wallace Excavating for safe and effective Calgary Demolition services.

Demolition Services
If you are looking for a demolition contractor contact Bob Wallace Excavating.
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Demolition Services We Offer

Demolition contractors provide a number of services. Our team can inspect your property, demolish your property and provide the site clean up. Some of the most common services and attributes that we offer at Bob Wallace Excavating are:

Bob Wallace Excavating provides commercial & residential demolition services.

Demolition Company Benefits

Professional demolition companies provide a number of benefits. They bring expertise and knowledge to your residential or commercial demolition project. Benefits of hiring the services of a professional demolition company include:

  • Health & Safety Knowledge & Training
  • Heavy Machinery & Equipment
  • Professional Training
  • Knowledge & Experience
  • Demolition Permit Acquisition
  • Proper Processes & Planning
  • Building Codes

Professional demolition contractors work around your schedule to make sure that your project is accomplished without creating any scheduling conflicts, personal inefficiencies or other issues.

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