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Professional Demolition Process

Does your property need to be demolished? Then consider professional demotion services. Professionals have the skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently demolish your property.

Professional demolition contractors make a custom plan to suit your specific demolition needs. Demolition contractors can acquire permits for your project so that you don’t have to worry about it. Contractors can help make your demolition process and stress-free, safe and rewarding experience.

At Bob Wallace Excavating, we have over 40 years of professional demolition experience. We can safely, effectively and completely handle your property demolition needs. Call or email Bob Wallace Excavating for more demolition process information!


Safety and Hazmat Precautions

Before any property demolition processes can begin, safety and potential biohazard material and pollutants must be prepared for.  Mold, debris, the risk of falling materials or individuals and much more need to be accounted for. Hazmat equipment, braces, tie-down straps, ladders, and other safety equipment can be required to ensure a safe demolition site for the proposed project.  The serious nature of the demolition process showcases why your Calgary demolition needs should be handled by a trusted professional.


Demolition Plan and Permits

The exact demolition steps and processes need to be prepared for begin any work begins. The property, size, location, materials, demolition needs and more, can dictate the specific processes involved in the plan. Once a plan has been made, demolition and work permits need to be attained. Demolition contractors can help make this process seamless. You can trust your property demolition plan and permit requirement needs to Bob Wallace Excavating!


Demolition Site Preparation

After permits are obtained the first demolition site preparation can legally being.  Site preparation is an important aspect of the demolition process. Bracing walls that are at a high risk of falling, cleaning out the building, turning off all pipes and utilities must all be addressed in proper site preparation processes. Failing to preppy prepare a site fro the upcoming demolition can result in serious injuries or setbacks during further property demolition processes.


Property Demolition

Once the site is prepared, you’re the property is ready to be demolished. This stage is where the safety planning, specific task design, and site preparation processes all come together to make for a safe and efficient property demolition. The demolition of your property can involve heavy machinery, numerous work hours and the help of several experienced professionals.  For professional demolition services in Calgary and the surrounding areas, contact Bob Wallace Excavating!


Site Clean Up

Site clean up is a vital aspect of a complete demolition process. After a property has been demolished, there is a lot of building materials, debris and more left on the site. To complete a professional deletion process, the site needs to be cleared of all the unwanted material so that it can be prepared for its intended future use. Site clean up processes show how a property demolition is not the end of a property, but rather the start of a new beginning for the property!

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