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Calgary Demolition Services

Home Demolition Services for residential, industrial and commercial properties in Calgary and other Southern Alberta communities include the removal of homes, asbestos removal, property deconstruction and construction preparation among other services.

The term Green Demolition is a term to describe eco-friendly demolition services and utilizes techniques to professionally and safely accomplish the needs of a property owner. We specialize in both partial demolition and full demolition of structures in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Green Demolition is focused on the safe removal of hazardous materials from structures such as schools, homes, rural buildings, agricultural sites, brown fields, industrial buildings and institutional buildings. Contact Bob Wallace Excavating Ltd. to demolish/dismantle any structures in Calgary. We service malls, homes, basements, underground parking areas, commercial properties and industrial properties in Calgary, Alberta. Our goal as an organization is to demolish properties safely and in an environmentally friendly manner monitoring the impact on the environment is a concern, for complete or partial dismantling and site remediation.

Dismantling of industrial/commercial sites in Calgary is precise work that requires the services of a professional demolition company. Bob Wallace Excavating’s team of trained professionals will dismantle and remove site materials ensuring we meet our client’s needs and specifications. We specialize in basement excavation, asbestos abatement, hazardous material removal and property demolition. We have special procedures and trained staff that follow strict rules and regulations and ensure a safe and efficient demolition.

We believe that our environment is precious and seek to improve and preserve it by taking the necessary steps to complete Calgary demolition projects on time and on budget.

Our Calgary Demolition Services

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