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Demolition Contractor

There are a variety of property improvement projects that will involve a demolition process. Tearing down a property, removing land, waste removal and several other tasks are best handled by a skilled and professional demolition contractor that is insured and bonded. The demolition process involves several steps, that if missed, can make your demolition project much more costly and dangerous than it needs to be.

Demolition projects can require a number of permits. Removing old structures can lead to asbestos or mold exposure. Demolition projects can also cause a variety of debris or hazardous materials that can be breathed into the lungs as well as falling debris that can cause serious injury.

To make sure a demolition project is successful and safe, utilise professional services. Bob Wallace Excavating has been working to demolish homes and businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas, our commitment to safety and quality workmanship has led to us having over 40 years in business.

Demolition Equipment

To own and operate the machinery and equipment involved to properly demolish a property can cost millions. Excavators, dump trucks, trailers, skid steers, jackhammers, and other major pieces of equipment also require training and experience to safely operate. When you require services that involve these types of equipment contact a professional demolition contractor. When hiring a demolition company, you’re paying for their equipment, operators, knowledge, and industry expertise.

Demolition Trucking Services

Trucking services can be required to remove a demolished property, to remove dirt after an excavation project or simply to remove unwanted materials, like concrete. Demolition projects can also involve dangerous materials such as asbestos that should only be trucked away and disposed of by professionals. Professionals excavation companies have hydraulic dump trucks and dump trailers to help with your demolition and excavation, concrete breaking and concrete removal often have heavy slabs. Companies may also own or can contract out larger dump trucks such as 10-wheelers or Super 10’s for larger removal projects. Loading of the vehicles can also be quickly accomplished with large excavators or skid steers. 

Property Removal

Demolition contractors work to make your home, business, detached garage, landscape or other property removal needs safe and efficient. Contractors can provide efficient interior and exterior demolition services, to remove unwanted walls, sheds or garage from your home or business. Exterior demolition can be used for replacing a garage or shed. At Bob Wallace Excavating, we have expertise with partial and full demolition projects involving commercial and residential properties.

Fountain Or Pool Removal

If your below ground pool needs to be taken out to make more space in your yard, a demolition contractor can help. To demolish the pool, land surveys and permits must be obtained. Rather than trying to understand these extensive processes, leave them to a team that has experience in the field. Contractors can break down the pool, remove the materials and then work to backfill the hole that is left. At Bob Wallace Excavating we also specialise in excavation services so we are able to grade and compact the finished site.

Concrete Removal

When a driveway, pathway, road, or foundations are demolished, the concrete materials that are left need to be removed. Concrete, asphalt, or other large and rigid materials can be difficult to remove without the proper equipment. A large excavator or nimble skid steer can move through your demolition site and remove large prices of materials that would be near impossible to move by hand. The demolition and concrete removal can cause for airborne particles to be released that can cause respiratory issues and skin or eye irritation. The potential health risks are further reasons why professionals should handle the removal of concrete materials.

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