Have you recently purchased land that you plan to build on? Has a property recently been demolished and the land needs to be prepared for its future use? Then consider professional excavation services.

Simply put, excavating is digging. Though, property excavation services are much more than that. A property excavation project involves digging up unwanted dirt or materials, removing them and preparing the property for construction or other future uses.

Never attempt your own excavation projects. These projects can be intensive, time-consuming and dangerous for unprepared individuals. Rather, leave your residential or commercial excavating needs to the experts at Bob Wallace Excavating.

Excavating Services

A number of specific services are required to effectively excavate a property. The future property plans will dictate the excavation services required. These are some of the most common services that make up an excavation project:

  • Inspection – A property needs to be inspected. The ground level needs to be surveyed and the respective project scope will be outlined based upon your plan for the property.
  • Digging – The land will be dug to the specified depth. All roots, trees rocks and other materials will be removed in this process.
  • Trenching – If the property’s preparing for construction, trenches will be dug for dewatering and other pipes underneath.
  • Compacting – After trenches have been dug, property benchmarks can be laid and the excavation site can begin to be filled back in. Once the back-fill is complete the land can be compacted and prepared for final grading.Grading –
  • Grading levels the land and prepares it for the future use. A machine-based grade can be adequate for levelling the property, though if the future property plans involve construction, further grading processes can be required.

Contact Bob Wallace Excavating today for more information on the specific services required for your excavation needs.

Hazards While Excavating

Excavating can be a dangerous task if the proper precautions are not taken and the proper equipment is not used. Excavation efforts can unearth mold and high levels of dust. Excavation processes can involve a range of equipment that requires skilled and experienced operators to safely use. Falling and tripping over trenches and debris can lead to serious injuries. Mishandled materials can lead to other injuries. Many materials and equipment involved in the process can also be flammable and or explosive. The hazards that can be involved in an excavation project’s showcase why it is always recommended to let a professional handle your property excavation needs.

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Excavating Company

An experienced excavation company has what it takes to safely and effectively handle all your residential or commercial excavation needs. Excavation contractors have years of experience and training that allow them to work safely through each step of you excavation project. At Bob Wallace Excavating we work with you to effectively excavate your land based upon your schedules and future plans for the property.

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