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Excavation is simply defined by the removal of the ground. Though in regards to property construction, excavation commonly involves removing unwanted demolished materials, preparing the land and trenches, site grading and other land removal services. Large excavators and equipment are required for residential and commercial excavation projects.

Excavation is a key aspect of any demolition or construction project. An improperly excavated property can lead to serious issues in property structural integrity as well as in with property sewage draining. Professional excavating contractors ensure the proper permits are obtained, the property is excavated properly and that the proper health and safety standards are in place.

The experts at Bob Wallace Excavating have decades of professional excavation experience. We use professional equipment and experienced operators that make quick work of the land digging, trenching, leveling and or waste removal.


Site Preparation

In regards to new construction projects, the role of the excavation contractor begins after the land survey team. After the land is surveyed and the lot boundaries are set, the excavation contractor can remove the required soil from the plot. A set dig depth and level of compaction are required for these types of projects. A contractor must have the ability the grade and level the land in order to meet the specified depths. Compaction tests may also need to be completed in order to ensure the site can support the proposed structure. After the initial dig, the foundation is poured and the excavation contractor can begin to backfill around the new foundation’s footers and stem walls.


Excavation Contracting

Excavation contractors are business owners, with various trade and construction related connections. An excavation contractor commonly works as a subcontractor on large construction projects. Hiring a professional contractor with a large network of connections takes the need of project coordination, individual trade management, as well as the excavation permit application needs completely off your shoulders. Contractors can also be hired individually for small or specialised projects. For example, if you aim to install your own below-ground swimming pool, but simply do not want to dig the hole, an excavation contractor, alone, can help with this job.


Dirt Removal and Addition

An excavation contractor can likely accomplish any project that requires dirt to be moved, removed, added or otherwise altered. With the large excavators, the professionals at Bob Wallace Excavating can efficiently move around any dirt you need. Contractors also test and work to ensure no major gas line or water will be hit. Road or property grading and levelling projects are two tasks that excavation contractors have immense experience with.


Heavy Equipment Operation

Acquiring and operating the equipment involved in an excavation project cannot only be quite costly but can be very dangerous for inexperienced individuals. Renting, leasing and or insuring these items can also be costly and difficult. Though, an experienced excavation contractor will likely have an excavator, front loader, bulldozer, and or skid steer in their possession and fleet. At Bob Wallace Excavating, our professional operators all have years of residential and commercial equipment operating experience. Our equipment and expertise make for a safe and efficient excavation process.

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