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An Exterior Demolition Contractor

Exterior demolitions can help prepare properties for room extension or add-ons, prepare for new construction or remove a hazardous property. Exterior demolitions are an effective first step towards a complete property demolition project. A professional demolition contractor comes with the right equipment, understanding, and knowledge to safely demolish the exterior of a home or business. Do not put yourself in danger, or risk ineffective demolition processes by attempting to accomplish your own exterior demolition projects.

What Is Exterior Demolition?

An exterior demolition is a form of selective property demolition that focuses either first or solely on the exterior of the building. Exterior demolitions prepare your home or business for a new exterior material, a room add-on or for other property extension plans. Exterior demolitions can also be an effective starting point for an entire property demolition. If you have any questions or require exterior demolition services for your Calgary home or business, do not hesitate to contact Bob Wallace Excavating!

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Exterior Demolition Services

A number of services can be included a professional exterior demolition project. Exterior walls and or roofs can be torn down. Lighting of the exterior of your property can be removed and disposed of. Damaged piping, insulation, windows or other materials on the exterior walls of your property can also be removed and disposed of with exterior demolition services. Attempting DIY exterior demolition is never recommended, as it can easily lead to a range of serious injuries and issues. Common Services included in exterior demolition include:

Exterior Deconstruction

What is the difference between exterior demolition and deconstruction?

Exterior demolition focuses on completely tearing down aspects of your properties exterior and efficiently removing the debris. Exterior deconstruction processes focus on a more systematic careful approach to the demolition processes. This specifically prepares the property for any further uses and fully ensures that other areas of your properties interior and exteriors are left intact. Exterior deconstruction is used to only demolish a specific portion of your home or business exterior.

Exterior Demolition Process

  • Before any exterior demolition project can begin a property inspection must be completed in order to understand your properties specific needs and find any biohazardous issues that could be exposed during the demolition.
  • Next, the proposed work site must obtain the required work permits. Once these have been permitted a demolition plan and a custom quote will be provided.
  • Finally, the demolition can begin. Following the exterior demolition process, the area will be completely cleaned of unwanted materials and debris.
  • Keeping the area wetted will help prevent the airborne spread of dust and harmful chemicals while the exterior is demolished and removed.
  • Your specific exterior demolition goals will dictate the specific demolition format and specific tasks associated with your exterior demolition project.


Professional Exterior Demolition

The benefits of utilising professional contractors for your exterior demolition needs cannot be understated. Professionals can fully inspect your property to ensure that safe demolition processes can occur. They can obtain the work permits for your project. They can provide every specific service involved in meeting your exterior demolition goals and can clean the site after the project is complete. Professionals take the burden of property demolition off your back and allow you to focus solely on the future plans for your property or land. Contact Bob Wallace Excavating with your Calgary exterior demolition needs!

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