If you have had a fire in your home and/or business and require professional demolition services contact the demolition experts at Bob Wallace Excavating. We have experience working with commercial and residential fire damage.

What Is Fire Damage Demolition

If your Calgary home or business has faced a fire, chances are the property is no longer safe. Fire can destroy building materials in its path. Flames are not required for fire damage to occur, as intense heat can also leave materials and appliances in complete disrepair. Smoke emitted in a property can ruin the paint in a home or business and can turn your interior air quality toxic. Fire damage restoration and or fire demolition services can be required to return your home or business to a safe environment.

Fire damage restoration services can be effective for removing damaged materials, improving air quality and returning your home or business to a safe condition if the fire is kept to a small portion of the property. Though if the fire has left too much damage in its wake, fire damage demolition is the ideal service for your needs. Fire damage demolition involves completely tearing down the property, with safe processes, while containing the potential harmful smoke emitted particles and disposing of the leftover debris. Fire damage demolition can often be the only way to return your Calgary home or business to a safe condition after a large property fire.

Dangers Of Fire Damage

Fire Damage can create a number of dangers in your home or business. A recent fire can cause both property integrity and health issues.

  • Burnt Materials: As fire burns, materials such as drywall, paint, framing, plumbing insulation and more can become completely burnt or compromised.
  • Intense Heat: The heat emitted by fire can ruin appliances, expose wiring, and warp building materials.
  • Ash & Smoke: The health risk associated with ash are smoke are both respiratory from inhaling the toxic particles and can cause skin issues from direct exposure.

Fire damage demolition services can remove these issues from your property. Professionals understand all aspects of fire damage demolition health & safety measures. 

Fire Damage Demolition Process

The severity of the fire can dictate how the demotion process will be executed. Though, most fire demolition processes share these common steps.

  • Inspection: the professional contractors will the first inspect your property to see if a full demolition is needed, as well as to find the ideal demolition process to combat your specific fire damage and smoke damage.
  • Attain Permits: Permits are required to legally perform the demolition. Most professional can help with this process.
  • Ventilation & Containment: The property will need to be properly ventilated to remove the ash and smoke residue from the home or business. This helps to create a safe site for demolition.
  • Demolition: The property can then be demolished safely and efficiently.
  • Material Disposal & Clean Up: Materials will need to be safely disposed of in designated areas. Finally, the demolished property can be fully cleaned and excavated to prepare the location for its future usage.

Dangers Of DIY Fire Damage Demolition

It is never recommended to attempt your own fire demolition processes. The processes not only require large and expensive equipment but also can be quite dangerous for inexperienced individuals. Falling risks are high, risks caused by falling debris are high as well as the risk of exposure to harmful gasses, and condensed smoke are all very real in a fire demolition project. Leave your fire damage demolition needs to an experienced contractor to ensure the job is handled safely and effectively.

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