Bob Wallace Excavating Ltd. provides home removal services in Calgary & surrounding areas. If you need your home removed as part of the demolition and excavation process, contact us.

Home Removal Services

When it comes to home removal the two main factors that come to mind are speed and clean up. At Bob Wallace Excavating, we are here to ensure that both factors are looked after. Our skilled operators work non-stop until your home removal has been completed. With over 40 years of experience, you can be sure that your home removal will be done to perfection.

Home Removal Demolition

Many people believe that home removal demolition is a lengthy process when really is not. All of our home demolition projects are performed with an excavator. This makes the demolition and cleanup fast and easy. Depending on your home our home demolition process takes a day on average with the proper permits already put in place. Contact Bob Wallace Excavation for any of your home removal demolition needs.

Home Removal Excavation

If your home removal is in need, of Excavation then Bob Wallace is here to meet all your needs. Because we use excavators for our home removal process after our clean up, excavation of your site can start immediately.  Whether you’re looking to add a basement to your home or just adding to the basement you already have, our skilled operators are here to get the job done.

Home Asbestos Removal

If you have a home build before the 1980’s chances are your home was built with materials containing asbestos. At Bob Wallace Excavating, we ensure that all the proper precautions are met to ensure the workers of that site do not come in contact with asbestos. When your home removal is underway we ensure that the area has been effectively wetted to ensure that none of the dust partials that may contain asbestos may become airborne. For any and all of your home asbestos removal needs, contact Bob Wallace Excavation and let us find a solution for you.

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