At Bob Wallace Excavating, we have over 40 years of professional interior demolition expertise. Our team has the know-how and tools to accomplish your interior demolition project.

Interior Demolition Calgary

Interior demolitions can help to get the ball rolling on a home or business improvement projects. Taking out aspects or entire interiors from your property can prepare the property for large renovations or other property aspirations.

Interior demolition processes are quite intensive and require high levels of property knowledge. Without the proper equipment and understanding, interior demolition projects can be very laborious and quite dangerous, as asbestos and other harmful products products can be present during the demolition. Trust your interior demolition needs to and experienced professional.

What is Interior Demolition?

Interior demolition is a form of property demolition that makes the property ready for its further renovation, remodel or restoration. As opposed to exterior demolition, interior demolition projects work to maintain the look and structural integrity of the properties exterior while tearing down various aspect of the interior. Interior demolitions can include the demolishing walls, piping systems, floors and or other interior aspects of your property. If you are considering a property improvement project, but require large interior changes and material removal, contact Bob Wallace Excavating today!

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Interior Demolition Services

There are a number of ways that interior demolition services can help you to reach your home or business’s aesthetic, safety and or functionality goals. Interior demolitions can prepare for various restoration projects, such as mold removal and lead abatement. Removing various deteriorated or damaged aspects of your home such as piping, lighting, asbestos and more can be accomplished with interior demolition services can make it a safer and more hospitable environment. An interior demolition can also be the ideal project for providing adequate space for your upcoming renovation or remodelling project.

Interior Demolition Mold & Asbestos Removal

Mold and asbestos in your home or business can seriously deter the air quality within your property and lead to various health issues. Interior demolition can expose hazardous materials, that can become more dangerous if disrupted. Though interior demolition is intended to remove the unwanted mold or asbestos from your home or business, it can actually create further harm if not properly handled. Professional interior demolition contractors seal off areas and provide increased air filtration, upon project completion to ensure that the airborne effects of mold and asbestos do not spread and are fully eliminated. These areas can then be fully restored in order to return your property to a safe and comfortable environment. For asbestos demolition and asbestos removal services contact the team at Bob Wallace Excavating.

Interior Demolition Process

Interior demolition projects can serve a variety of needs and incorporate a variety of tasks. For the specific processes involved in your interior demolition project contact Bob Wallace Excavating today. Some of the common steps in an interior demolition process for a project are:

  • Inspection – Our team can inspect your property and utilize HAZMAT reports to fully understand your interior demolition needs.
  • Permits – Our team can help communicate with third-party municipalities in order to receive the required demolition and nose permits.
  • Plan – We can construct a custom interior demolition plan to specifically suit your demolition needs and property.
  • Quote – Based upon the custom plan we will provide you with a custom quote regarding costs and perspective project timelines.
  • Demolition – If you are comfortable with the quote we can begin the demolition processes.
  • Clean Up – After the interior demolition is complete, the Bob Wallace Excavating team will fully clean and sanitize the area before our departure.

Interior Demolition With Bob Wallace Excavating

Are you in need of more space for a renovation or remodel project? Do you need to demolish walls in your home to remove damaged or mold infested materials? Attempting these processes yourself can lead to personal injury, increased health risks and a range of major expenses. You can have all your interior demolition needs met with professional equipment and safe processes, by hiring Bob Wallace Excavating. With over 4 decades of professional experience, we can handle your interior demotion or entire home removal project.

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