If you have a home or residential property that requires excavation services contact the professionals at Bob Wallace Excavating, we have over 40 years of experience working with residential excavation.

Residential Excavation Services


esidential excavation services are ideal for your home building and or demolition needs.  Excavation can be the ideal process for demolition debris removal, site preparation, grading and much more. Excavation projects can be extremely costly and time-consuming for inexperienced and ill-equipped individuals. Don’t let your excavation needs turn into larger and more expensive projects then they need to be. Contact a professional excavation contractor with all your

residential and commercial property excavation needs. Excavation contractors have the professional equipment and experience to perfectly handle your specific Calgary excavation needs. At Bob Wallace Exacting we have over 40 years of experience helping clients across Calgary with their property excavation and site preparation needs. Our team is here to ensure your Calgary excavation needs are met every time! Schedule a residential excavation project with Bob Wallace Excavating today!

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Residential Excavation
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Home Excavating Services

Excavation services can play major roles in both the new-construction of a home and with the renovation of a newly demolished property. Excavation projects are ideal for preparing your site for further construction processes or other future uses. Excavation processes can be undergone after a previous building has been demolished or as a first time build land preparation project. For more information regarding the benefits and processes of residential property excavation, contact Bob Wallace Excavating today!

Residential Services
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Residential Site Preparation

The processes required to completely prepare a site for construction services or for any future use are often intensive and multifaceted.  Removal of demolition debris, trenching processes, leveling and grading and several other task need to be accomplished to meet your specific residential excavation needs. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, residential excavation processes can be enormous tasks. For professional, stress-free and efficient residential excavation services, contact the experts at Bob Wallace Excavating!

Site Safety
We practice and adhere to the highest level of construction safety standards.
Excavation Safety

Residential Excavating Safety

One of the top priorities in an excavation project is safety. Various regulations, rules and equipment can be required to keep your residential excavation site safe for all those involved. An unsafe site can result in serious injuries and further expenditures. Never overlook safety when planning a residential excavation project. To ensure a safe and professional excavation work site, trust your residential excavation need to Bob Wallace Excavating!

Excavation Calgary
Bob Wallace Excavating provides professional excavation services in Calgary & area.
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Residential Excavation in Calgary

The professional residential excavation contractors at Bob Wallace Excavating have decades of experience helping clients with their home excavation needs. Our team’s hard working and professional approach can accomplish your Calgary residential excavation needs in effective and efficient ways. The experts at Bob Wallace Excavating are here to help with all your property excavation needs. Feel free to contact Bob Wallace Excavating today to book a residential excavation consultation!

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